The Argo Island Villa International Design Competition organized by Yaqing Ocean Cultural-Creative Co., Ltd. has taken Qingwan, so blessed with natural resources, as a base for transmitting the core spirit of natural sustainability and harmonious coexistence with the ocean. This campaign aims to integrate local culture and environmental characteristics through traveling and living experiences, thereby creating an architectural world’s fair with ecological educational significance for Penghu. The Design Competition has invited domestic and international architecture professionals and students to jointly create an eco-friendly architecture-based park. Sustainable operations programs are proposed in terms of their design concepts, environmental sustainability approaches, practicability, etc., to realize the goal of coexistence and co-prosperity with the environment. The Competition has attracted international contestants from Japan, the USA, Canada, China (Hong Kong), Poland, and more places. The selected works have brought forth possibilities for sustainable development based on the site's natural and climatic uniqueness. With innovative design ideas, original and diverse travel hospitality experiences are also activated in the works, to embody the unique cultural comforts of Argo Island Villa.

The final-round selection was conducted on December 27th. The panel of judges included university president Satoko Shinohara; architect Yu-tse Tai; architect Ching-chun Hsu; architect Ching-hwa Chang; professor Shuenn-Ren Liou; director Kuo-Yao Su; and CEO Arthur Huang. After discussion, seven nominations from the Student Group and 10 nominations from the Professional Group were determined to be the final-round selected designs. The nomination list is as follows (names in no particular order):

Professional Group

Linear Village
The Circular Villas
Villa Morph
石語 Rock Verse – 穿梭於自然與歷史的詩篇

Student Group

Wall House
亂流 Turbulence

Instructor Penghu County Government
Organizer Ya Qing Ocean Cultural & Creative Co., Ltd.
Planner Tai Architect & Associates / Tai Square Art & Aesthetics Association
Implementer Taiwan Architecture Magazine
Co-organizers Hsu-Ching-Chun Architectural Firm / NCKU Department of Architecture / C-Cube