Penghu is where natural and human resources are combined, with the Fenggui Peninsula is located at the center where the sea and surrounding landscapes are intertwined. With the launch of tourism resource development in Qingwan, ARGO Yacht Club, by emphasizing the concept of island circularity, held a series of international forums attended by academic, industry, and government professionals in the first stage to activate the commitment to the development of Qingwan island in Penghu. Meanwhile, the Club organized the Qingwan International Architectural Design Competition in the hope that a positive demonstration of symbiosis between vacation resort architecture and the ocean can help achieve a sustainable industrial ecosystem in Penghu. The Design Competition organized this time is inviting domestic and international architecture professionals and students to jointly create an eco-friendly architecture-based park in response to the trend of circular economy prevailing in the global communities and policies promoted by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs to make Penghu County become a “Low-carbon Island for International Tourism.” Moreover, its development and operations will also echo the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): the use of renewable energy, local green economy promotion, climate change impact mitigation, and biodiversity creation. In the future, Penghu will become a center for the activation of international tourism, and a platform for the practice of sustainable development. With this event, the world will see Taiwan’s unique natural resources and Taiwan’s efforts in promoting ecological sustainability.

Building Lot Description

The building lot is located in the Qingwan area on the Fenggui Peninsula, Magong City, Penghu County. The lot was originally planned as the Qingwan Cactus Park. Its north side is close to County Road 201 and the Magong Inland Sea, and the south side is adjacent to the Taiwan Strait. The lot contains 14 land blocks under Land No. 1547 in Shi-li new land section of Magong City, Penghu County with an area of 11.6 hectares, which is categorized as “non-urban land” and meant to be developed for recreational purposes. This is a public facilities/development project jointly facilitated by Penghu County Government and non-governmental agencies to establish southern Penghu as a charming base for international tourism. The building lot is surrounded by the sea on three sides, with beautiful seascapes and close proximity to the water and the sea. In addition, it also possesses special basalt geography, rich and diversified vegetations and natural views as well as historical sites such as the Da-shan & Hsiao-shan forts left over from the Japanese colonial period. It’s hoped that through the introduction of diversified activities and functions such as food services, accommodations, recreation, entertainment, etc., that Qingwan will become a special site for international tourism.

Building Lot Location

The Building Lot is located in the Shi-li new land section of Magong City, Penghu County, including the land lot numbers 1547, 1547-3, 1557, 1558, 1559, 1560, 1561, 1591, 1592, 1595, 1596, 1597,1598, and 1599.

Please check download details here building lot information, photos of the actual sites, and the land blocks released for the design competition

Building Lot Description